The Soloist.

Two weeks ago or maybe more, my friends talked about “Pursuit of Happiness” aired on TV. And it reminds me of “The Soiloist”.

I watched this movie about two or three years ago. I don’t remember for sure. One thing that I remember, the film is etched in my heart. What a beautiful story to told. At first, of course I’m interested with the actor. One of the hottest man in Hollywood – Mr. Robert Downey Jr! 

But this movie not only about the actor. It’s about the story, caring the others, find ourself, hope, dream, life, and music! Yeah music keep us alive, don’t you think? and the best part, this movie is true-life story. I always fall in love with true-life story 🙂 Made me appreciate life more. Although only for a while.

Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr), a journalist who stuck in a dead-end job, as well as his marriage. Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx), a talented cellist, but he suffered schizophrenia, made him end up on the streets after two years of schooling at Juilliard.

In his mess condition, Lopez met Ayers. A homeless who played two-strings violin. He was more surprised, when he knew that Ayers once attended Juilliard. He wondered, how could a talented and had been a student in Juilliard could end up on the streets.

He began to write about Ayers in his column. Give him a place to live. Help him realize his dreams in an orchestra concert. But gradually Lopez realized that not only Ayers who he helped, but also himself. The story is illustrated with a very beautiful way. Makes you realize everything about life. Warms your heart.







..Hanging Up..
Hanging Up is a 2000 American comedy-drama film about a trio of sisters who bond over their ambivalence toward the approaching death of their curmudgeonly father, to whom none of them were particularly close. This film features Diane Keaton (who also directed), Meg Ryan, and Lisa Kudrow as the three sisters, and Walter Matthau (in his final film appearance) as the father. Continue reading “..Hanging Up..”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (3D)

When I heard about the issue that Harry Potter will showing in our theater..YIPPPPPIEEE.. 😀
Finally, we can enjoy the box office movie again. After for a long time (I’m sure it feels like a very long long time ago for “moviefreak” who had addicted to box office movie..including me :p).
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, becoming the first box office movie that aired in theaters in Indonesia, after all the problems of taxation in the government and blah blah blah.

Talk about the movie. For the story line I think it was good. But the set it’s to dark. Well maybe because it’s a wizard world which supposed to be dark right..:p

We watched the movie in 3D and I kinda regret it. Because the quality was not to good. In my opinion it will be worth it to watch it on 2D :p.

I don’t have any comment for the story beside the quality of 3D. But my friend who read the book told that there are some part of the movie which different with the book. Well that why I don’t like to compare between book and movie. I prefer to choose one of them. Either just read or watch. And because I didn’t read the book so for me the story line was okay. The awkward moment maybe Ron and Hermione kissing moment :p

..the films that scared me when I was kid..

I got this idea from He wrote about 25 films that scared him when he was a kid, and some of all are my films too.

1. The Clown House (1989)

I found my “scare film” that haunted me for many years. I keep trying to remember what’s the the title but I only remember about the crazy clown who are escaped mental patients, terror the kids in that movie.

I still remember the feeling that I’ve felt in that moment. I was in elementary school that time. Can you imagine that the clown who is known as entertainer of children was a psycho who terrorized and killed? I was horrified to imagine that moment. I even remember sometimes I closed my eyes and peered through a crack in my fingers.

And I realized that movie is what made me scared with clown. I just know that the fear of clowns is known as Coulrophobia (fobia badut) .. I think I may have that :p

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Who doesn’t know Freddy Krueger ..? cold-blooded killer with scary face and sharp knives on his fingers. He came through dream and up to terrorized the real world.

Don’t fall asleep!

3. Night of the Living Dead

This looks like the first zombie movie that I watched as long as I remember it. I watched on our first VCD player :). We got the VCD as the bonus. But I don’t like the movie. That scares me.

I just found out that apparently this movie is a remake. The original film is still black and white. But I never watched it.

I also have the horror Indonesia film, which scared me after watching it. JELANGKUNG – the first one. So original. I watched it with my sister. We don’t even dare to turn off the room lights for several days.


..Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I..

Sabtu malem..nonton di Hollywood KC..tanpa ngantri..dan flu beraaaaaaaaaaat.. >.< far my fav of Harry Potter’s movie is Goblet of Fire, but Harry Potter and The  Deathly Hallows Part I is a little bit stealing my “soul” when watched it. Slightly different  from the previous film – Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince – where too much drama.  This time is much much better, both in terms of story and action.

Still with the same groove, turmoil between Harry and Voldemort, the past, friendship, and the Horcrux search. But not Harry Potter’s if it does not rise to a new puzzle, which is a pendant that holds the key to the deathly hallows.

Some scenes on the set a bit stressful and scary. At the beginning of the story we are shown on one of Hogwart teacher comes to a very unpleasant end, another Ron’s injured hand, where a bit disgusted to seeit (I do not like to see the wounds on the body .. yak), or scene in which Hermione is tortured by Bellatrix, albeit heard rather than seen.

Sad, tense, and funny all together and combined with a very well.

Watching Harry Potter movie series is like watched these three growing up. Twists of  friendship is increasingly felt in this film. One of my fav scene is when Harry and  Hermione dancing together in a tent to a crackling radio play of the Nick Cave track O  Children (now I’m listening on youtube^^). It manages to be sweet, funny and tear-  jerking all at the same time.

The past slowly began to unfold, making clear storyline. Even though I know eventually how, but still curious to watch the movie. Can’t hardly wait to see the part 2 ^.^