A couple months ago, I was walking around in a bookstore. Not intend to buy the book at first, just wanted look around. Since there are no interesting book, I was idly around to the other.
I bought some craft paper for fun. I saw right next to the bookmark. It seems so long ago I do not buy it. I was reminded of my school days in advance. It was one of the bookmarks are valuable for me. Sometimes we make it your own with laminating a picture or a favorite word.
But now, almost all of the book comes with a bookmark. I was looking at, about which I am appealing to buy. I like with bookmark that contains words of wisdom or words of wisdom. So I began to sort through. There are some that attracted me with title of “Marriage” (remember I’m married now). I really like the words, poked, but there is something in it.

“All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different”.

Yes, indeed. I agree with that. When we talk about wedding, what we have in our mind is party, celebration, happy faces, even for a simple celebration. There are no tears of sadness. Only tears of happiness. But when it became a marriage, each spouse must have their own story. Not all marriages work out as we expected, nor as others. Sometimes the days filled with happy laughter. But not infrequently the loneliness and tears accompany the day.

“Marriage is our last best chance to grow up”.

In some cases, may have a point. But that was not our last chance to grow up. There are many other opportunities that make us more mature. Whether it’s our behavior, or even change our mindset. Maybe one day we became parents. There must be more mature self as compared to the marriage that just lived alone with our husbands. When our chilrdren growing up, parents would be much more mature than when their children was a child. And so on to be grandparents, even unto death. Being an adult is not the absolute price that must be possessed. Sometimes being childish is also needed.

“Marriage is not just spiritual communion, it is also remembering to take out the trash”

I love this quote. That’s what people should understand. In marriage, there must be mutual understanding. I was very lucky, because my husband is understanding and willing to help for the household.



A moment that sucks is when you have the inspiration to do your will, but imprisoned by your routine. A routine that you must not live as you wish. As I feel now. And it’s very sucks. It messes up your morning.


while i’m sitting here in my office, but i want to finish my writing.

..welcoming JUNE..

Some poeple said in they thought..June is only the six month of the year.
Some people in some country hailing summer season.
Some poeple in other country getting cold of the winter.
Some couple celebrating their love in summer breeze.
Some couple separated of summer vacation.

June is not only a month for me.

June is my celebrating month. Today, my father’s birthday. I called him to say Happy Birthday, ask him what he wans for his birthday. He said “nothing”. Well, that’s him. That’s parents. They are never ask somethinf to their kids. I wish him a happiness and healthiness for everything.

June is my lonely feeling, my missing month. I feel a little sadness in my heart. I miss my parents. I miss my ‘C’. The worst, I miss my self. I found some blog in the end of May. Beradadisini. Hanny, she is the bloger. She wrote her words so beautifully and meaningful. I kind of miss my self everytime I read her words.

June is my month of waiting and hope. Waiting for my husband’s mutation of his work. Hoping his next assigment will be close with me. Hoping for the best in my work now. I don’t know whether the next month will still be here or not. I waiting for my husband.

June is my another surprise month. ‘C’ birthday in next 2 weeks. Now, I think hard to give him a surprise. This is our first celebration of his birthday after we’ve got married.

I just hope that everything going well in this June.. πŸ™‚

-cha- me aunty! ^^..

This morning my lil’sis called me. She said it’s positive means she’s pregnant! I’m so happy for her. I’ll be a real aunt for my sister. since I only have nephew and niece from my cousin.
I kinda jealous I haven’t got pregnant, but I know that
Hopefully Allah protect her and the baby..bless them with health and fortune.. Ψ’Ω…ΩŠΩ†

..Happy New Year!..

It’s 4 days left, to welcoming 2012. I had plan to posting before new year’s eve but as usual something blocked me up. Anyway, I just wanna say :

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The standard question or I call it classic moment in early of the year is resolution, wishes, expectation, etc. Well I think I always make a resolution every year, new one or still the same with the previous year, expecting too many things, wishes so many stuffs :).
But in the end, I only hope that everything will be great for my whole year ahead. of course I expect a lot of things for my life in this year, but whether all those things will come true, only God knows.
I hope, whatever it is, I’ll be the one who always be grateful.

Happy New Year everyone, wish you all the greatest thing in this year ahead ! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

my new addicted..!!!

I have a new addiction. Severe addiction! Whether it? It is the addiction to the game The Sims Social on Facebook πŸ™‚

I can’t stop my addiction to this game. Actually it’s not my first addiction to online game like this, especially in Facebook. My first game was Mafia Wars, then I played so many games. Here come the list on my Facebook games: Pirate: Rule the Caribbean, Sorority Life, Farmville, Glamour Age, Castle & Co, FrontierVille, It Girl, Fashion Designer, Mall World…so many right..? hehehe..

But..there’s a syndrome. I call it “the game syndrome”. It will come after so many times you played some game. The more often you play, you’ll get bored quickly. But I think The Sims Social could attract my attention much longer than the other games :p.

Game on dude!

..the most awaited day has come..

Ψ§Ω„Ψ­Ω…Ψ― Ω„Ω„..setelah satu bulan lamanya umat muslim menjalankan ibadah puasa, akhirnya hari yang paling ditunggu pun datang. Yup, apalagi kalau bukan Hari Raya Idul Fitri atau di Indonesia lebih familiar dengan sebutan Hari Lebaran.

Setiap Lebaran tiba, pasti perasaan ini campur aduk. Penuh suka cita. Perasaan excited banget, sekaligus sedih. Senang karena akhirnya bisa berlebaran, dan sedih karena merasa puasaku belum maksimal dan apakah tahun depan aku bertemu kembali dengan bulan Ramadan yang suci ini.

Setiap penghujung puasa selalu ada perasaan penyesalan bahwa taun ini sepertinya puasaku tidak sempurna, walaupun di awalnya udah diniatin bahwa taun ini mesti rajin solat tarawih dan ngaji. Tapi ternyata setan males tetap saja ada :p dan aku hanya bisa berharap bahwa Allah masih memberikan aku kesempatan tahun depan. Amin.

A little blue feelin’ came up in this fasting month..that it was my last fasting as a little daughter at home. I mean in couple of months I’m getting married. So next Ramadan won’t be home. Sad 😦

I wish I can meet my holy Ramadan next year with whole my family.

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..Welcome The Holy Month : Ramadhan..\(^0^)/

Menyambut bulan suci Ramadhan pastinya selalu menimbulkan perasaan tersendiri bagi setiap umat muslim dimanapun. Bagiku hal yang aku syukuri adalah kenyataan bahwa ternyata Allah masih memberikan aku kesempatan untuk dapat bertemu kembali dengan bulan suci Ramadhan, karena pada kenyataannya banyak juga saudara kita yang tidak dapat bertemu lagi dengan bulan suci ini. Jadi itu adalah hal pertama yang sangat aku syukuri. Terima Kasih Ya Allah πŸ™‚

Ada banyak hal yang selalu kita dengar mengenai bulan suci ini seperti Bulan Ramadhan adalah bulan suci penuh berkah, ampunan, dan segala kebaikan terkandung didalam bulan ini. Yang konon katanya segala hal sekecil apapun kebaikan yang kita lakukan sekecil apapun, akan dilipat gandakan pahalanya oleh Allah SWT. Bahkan tidur pun adalah ibadah. What a greatest month in a year, doesn’t it?

Namun kadang kita lupa bahwa di bulan2 lain pun sama pentingnya dengan bulan ramadhan untuk melakukan segala kebaikan (^o^)\/

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Semoga Ramadhan tahun ini diberikan kelancaran, dan amal ibadah kita dilipatgandakan oleh Allah SWT. Amin.

Selamat Berpuasa semuanya..:)