A couple months ago, I was walking around in a bookstore. Not intend to buy the book at first, just wanted look around. Since there are no interesting book, I was idly around to the other.
I bought some craft paper for fun. I saw right next to the bookmark. It seems so long ago I do not buy it. I was reminded of my school days in advance. It was one of the bookmarks are valuable for me. Sometimes we make it your own with laminating a picture or a favorite word.
But now, almost all of the book comes with a bookmark. I was looking at, about which I am appealing to buy. I like with bookmark that contains words of wisdom or words of wisdom. So I began to sort through. There are some that attracted me with title of “Marriage” (remember I’m married now). I really like the words, poked, but there is something in it.

“All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different”.

Yes, indeed. I agree with that. When we talk about wedding, what we have in our mind is party, celebration, happy faces, even for a simple celebration. There are no tears of sadness. Only tears of happiness. But when it became a marriage, each spouse must have their own story. Not all marriages work out as we expected, nor as others. Sometimes the days filled with happy laughter. But not infrequently the loneliness and tears accompany the day.

“Marriage is our last best chance to grow up”.

In some cases, may have a point. But that was not our last chance to grow up. There are many other opportunities that make us more mature. Whether it’s our behavior, or even change our mindset. Maybe one day we became parents. There must be more mature self as compared to the marriage that just lived alone with our husbands. When our chilrdren growing up, parents would be much more mature than when their children was a child. And so on to be grandparents, even unto death. Being an adult is not the absolute price that must be possessed. Sometimes being childish is also needed.

“Marriage is not just spiritual communion, it is also remembering to take out the trash”

I love this quote. That’s what people should understand. In marriage, there must be mutual understanding. I was very lucky, because my husband is understanding and willing to help for the household.


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