The Soloist.

Two weeks ago or maybe more, my friends talked about “Pursuit of Happiness” aired on TV. And it reminds me of “The Soiloist”.

I watched this movie about two or three years ago. I don’t remember for sure. One thing that I remember, the film is etched in my heart. What a beautiful story to told. At first, of course I’m interested with the actor. One of the hottest man in Hollywood – Mr. Robert Downey Jr! 

But this movie not only about the actor. It’s about the story, caring the others, find ourself, hope, dream, life, and music! Yeah music keep us alive, don’t you think? and the best part, this movie is true-life story. I always fall in love with true-life story 🙂 Made me appreciate life more. Although only for a while.

Steve Lopez (Robert Downey Jr), a journalist who stuck in a dead-end job, as well as his marriage. Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx), a talented cellist, but he suffered schizophrenia, made him end up on the streets after two years of schooling at Juilliard.

In his mess condition, Lopez met Ayers. A homeless who played two-strings violin. He was more surprised, when he knew that Ayers once attended Juilliard. He wondered, how could a talented and had been a student in Juilliard could end up on the streets.

He began to write about Ayers in his column. Give him a place to live. Help him realize his dreams in an orchestra concert. But gradually Lopez realized that not only Ayers who he helped, but also himself. The story is illustrated with a very beautiful way. Makes you realize everything about life. Warms your heart.







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