..welcoming JUNE..

Some poeple said in they thought..June is only the six month of the year.
Some people in some country hailing summer season.
Some poeple in other country getting cold of the winter.
Some couple celebrating their love in summer breeze.
Some couple separated of summer vacation.

June is not only a month for me.

June is my celebrating month. Today, my father’s birthday. I called him to say Happy Birthday, ask him what he wans for his birthday. He said “nothing”. Well, that’s him. That’s parents. They are never ask somethinf to their kids. I wish him a happiness and healthiness for everything.

June is my lonely feeling, my missing month. I feel a little sadness in my heart. I miss my parents. I miss my ‘C’. The worst, I miss my self. I found some blog in the end of May. Beradadisini. Hanny, she is the bloger. She wrote her words so beautifully and meaningful. I kind of miss my self everytime I read her words.

June is my month of waiting and hope. Waiting for my husband’s mutation of his work. Hoping his next assigment will be close with me. Hoping for the best in my work now. I don’t know whether the next month will still be here or not. I waiting for my husband.

June is my another surprise month. ‘C’ birthday in next 2 weeks. Now, I think hard to give him a surprise. This is our first celebration of his birthday after we’ve got married.

I just hope that everything going well in this June.. 🙂



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