..Life Traveler by Windy Ariestanty..

From so many books about traveling experience, only this book that caught my eyes. The title is “Life Traveler”. First thought was..well another traveling book..it’s must be full of how to this how to that and bla bla bla.
But I was interested with the cover, a leaf that turn yellow and fall.
Also there is some comment from Dee, one of my fav author :).
And I started to read the synopsis. I was thought that this book is different with the others. And I was right, I fall with this book.
Life Traveler is not only talk about the place, food, view, and the other things that will make you jealously die imaging if you are the writer who had that experience. But this book is more deeper I guess. Of course she (Windy the writer) also wrote about the bla bla bla thing, but she also talk about finding her self..the meaning of “HOME”.
What a beautiful story to share.
I have favorite quote, but I left my book at home. It will be post later :p I just like this words:

Love is a ‘place’ that we keep visiting again and again. It annoys us to no end. And for something like this, we may call it ‘home’.
Yes, love is a home for everyone. Indeed.

Here the beautiful cover that I loved (^-^)
one of my favorite books
Enjoy reading everyone ^^


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