my new addicted..!!!

I have a new addiction. Severe addiction! Whether it? It is the addiction to the game The Sims Social on Facebook 🙂

I can’t stop my addiction to this game. Actually it’s not my first addiction to online game like this, especially in Facebook. My first game was Mafia Wars, then I played so many games. Here come the list on my Facebook games: Pirate: Rule the Caribbean, Sorority Life, Farmville, Glamour Age, Castle & Co, FrontierVille, It Girl, Fashion Designer, Mall World…so many right..? hehehe..

But..there’s a syndrome. I call it “the game syndrome”. It will come after so many times you played some game. The more often you play, you’ll get bored quickly. But I think The Sims Social could attract my attention much longer than the other games :p.

Game on dude!


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