..Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I..

Sabtu malem..nonton di Hollywood KC..tanpa ngantri..dan flu beraaaaaaaaaaat.. >.<

Well..so far my fav of Harry Potter’s movie is Goblet of Fire, but Harry Potter and The  Deathly Hallows Part I is a little bit stealing my “soul” when watched it. Slightly different  from the previous film – Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince – where too much drama.  This time is much much better, both in terms of story and action.

Still with the same groove, turmoil between Harry and Voldemort, the past, friendship, and the Horcrux search. But not Harry Potter’s if it does not rise to a new puzzle, which is a pendant that holds the key to the deathly hallows.

Some scenes on the set a bit stressful and scary. At the beginning of the story we are shown on one of Hogwart teacher comes to a very unpleasant end, another Ron’s injured hand, where a bit disgusted to seeit (I do not like to see the wounds on the body .. yak), or scene in which Hermione is tortured by Bellatrix, albeit heard rather than seen.

Sad, tense, and funny all together and combined with a very well.

Watching Harry Potter movie series is like watched these three growing up. Twists of  friendship is increasingly felt in this film. One of my fav scene is when Harry and  Hermione dancing together in a tent to a crackling radio play of the Nick Cave track O  Children (now I’m listening on youtube^^). It manages to be sweet, funny and tear-  jerking all at the same time.

The past slowly began to unfold, making clear storyline. Even though I know eventually how, but still curious to watch the movie. Can’t hardly wait to see the part 2 ^.^


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