I’m feeling confusing now..either with myself or my situation..don’t know how to describe it..

I’ve been working in some 5 star hotel in Jakarta for almost 2 months (thanks to my friend who recommended me)..but I don’t know why..I just didn’t get something to make me enjoy my new job..sometimes i wondering is it just because myself or the job???

Someone said that the problem is me..myself! well maybe yes..but I already try everyway to make myself into..but still didn’t feel that..

So I decided to try to apply a new job..well mostly are big companies..but not lucky on it..and when I apply to some hotel (not hoping too much)..but voila! they called me to join the interview..but for some position that I don’t really know with well..I told my friend (who recommended me here) and the reaction was surprised me..I thought that she will be support me on it..but not..I can understand that because she is the one who help me working here..but we had talk bout this before..about I’m looking for another she is..and know when she gave me that reaction I’m feeling bad..

Someone told me that I’m the one who decided for my future..and I think my new position later (if I get hire hehe) will be good for my next step..I kow that I will learn something new there..!

Anyway..I still waiting for the they hire me or not..hoping for the best..^^


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